kazakhstani Customs Regulations

Kazakhstan Customs Information

The following goods may be imported into Kazakhstan by persons over 16 years of age without incurring customs duty:

? 1000 cigarettes or 1kg of tobacco products.
? 2l of spirits or 2l of wine.
? A reasonable quantity of perfume for personal use.
? Gifts up to the value of US$500 for personal use only.

Note: On entering the country, tourists must complete a customs declaration form, which must be retained until departure. This allows the import of articles intended for personal use, including currency and valuables, which must be registered on the declaration form. They must be exported at the end of the stay. Customs inspection can be long and detailed. It is advisable to keep receipts for items bought in Kazakhstan in order to avoid difficulties at customs on departure.

Prohibited Imports
Military weapons and ammunition; narcotics; pornography; live animals (unless with special permit); photographs or other printed materials aimed against Kazakhstan; pigeons; gold and silver (except personal jewelry) and articles containing precious stones or pearls; anything owned by a third party that is to be carried in for that third party.

Prohibited Exports
As prohibited imports, as well as annulled securities, state loan certificates, lottery tickets, works of art and antiques (unless permission has been granted by the Ministry of Culture), saiga horns, Siberian stag, punctuate and red deer antlers (unless on organized hunting trip), and punctuate deer skins.

Kazakhstan Customs Website: http://www.customs.kz/